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Membership means a lot of different things these days. From subscription services to clubs/sports to irritating junk-mail that you can’t ever seem to unsubscribe from.  

For our worshiping community, it means you call Prince of Peace your home. In “membership” to Prince of Peace, there are no expectations or pledges such as worship attendance, financial giving or volunteer hours. Although these are often outward signs of an inward connection to a specific church community. Our desire is to know who is with us in this journey as we follow our mission statement:  

Our Mission is to live and share the grace of God so our communities experience His transforming love and peace.  

On June 11th, we will be hosting Discover Prince of Peace, a brunch at the manse (40 Queens Rd, Everton Park). As a regular attender, this will be an opportunity to explore membership, find out how we do discipleship and finally learn how we do leadership.

The following Sunday, June 18th, we will welcome new members of the church and celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church. If choose to take up membership, there would be a moment where you would come forward to affirm that Prince of Peace is your home.  

Please take the time to pray and consider what Prince of Peace is for you and your family. If you are still exploring, please continue to do so with no expectation.   God’s richest blessings, Pastor Nick